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For those who don’t know, Confession are an Australian hardcore/metalcore band originally started up by ex I Killed The Prom Queen vocalist, Michael Crafter, in 2008. The band have recently returned to Australian shores from a tour around Europe with metalcore giants, Parkway Drive, as well as Miss May I and The Ghost Inside. On the morning of Wednesday the 9th May in Melborne, Michael tweeted saying “So I wake up to reading I’ve been kicked out of confession. Without being told. WTF hahahaha”.

Later on in the day, Confession posted a Facebook status reading “It’s Crafter here. I would like to announce that the members who used to play in this band have tried to double cross me. I have now kicked out all members of the band and will be looking for legit friends to play within the band. SO HEY GET FUCKED”. All seems a bit confusing, so we caught up with Crafter to find out the full story:

OATH: “So it’s sad to hear that you and the other members of the band have recently parted ways. Give us the low down on what exactly happened this morning?”
Crafter: “I just read it on Facebook and they said I was out. So, I called one of the guys and told him to change everything back to me as an admin and passwords etc. Then announced the band is now being replaced. So yeah, they didn’t come and chat to me or anything just had this plan that has backfired heavily.”

OATH: “You’ve just returned from a European tour opening for fellow Australian giants Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside and US metalcore sensation, Miss May I. Was there anything that happened on tour that could have spurred hatred from the other band members?”
Crafter: “Nah, nothing, that’s what’s weird. Odd band argument about dude’s not playing amazing and some other stuff but that was them just being idiots and me telling them to pull their heads in. Opening band members don’t need to act like rockstars. So, I told them to stop worrying about getting drunk all the time and care about playing good!”

OATH: “Line-up changes are never easy for a band, how important is it that your next band members are trustworthy, as well as good musicians?”
Crafter: “Yeah, for sure, gotta’ be good people and have fun. My thing with music is fun. There’s good dudes talking to me and we will push forward.”

OATH: “What is your next step? Will your next musical endeavour be a similar style and genre to Confession, or will you be trying something new?”
Crafter: “Confession is going to keep going. This band has labels and booking agents who wanna’ keep working with the band. My supportive friends will either fill in or come on board for us.”

OATH: “You seem to have an incredible following, with countless posts and comments supporting you, rather than the rest of the band. Do you have any words for the fans out there, that even after a lot of confusion and line-up changes are still there to support you and your musical future?”.
Crafter: “People know what to expect when they see us. Heavy shit and having fun. Confession will continue to keep it heavy and melodic. So, thanks for the support.”

OATH: “And finally, one comment from a fan read “CRAFTER FOR FUCKING PRIME MINISTER!”. Do you ever see yourself leaving the music industry for a job in politics?”
Crafter: “Hahahaha. I’m so dumb that it might work. I can’t spell and can’t think right due to my A.D.D, so I’d be perfect to help run our useless country. All governments are lying assholes, so I’d be off it having to work around fuckwits who can’t tell the truth…”

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